Casting Auditions for Singing Server Positions at Viva Vegas Diner Bar and Grill.

The Vegas Diner Experience

Viva Vegas Diner was designed by owners Leye D Johns and Martin Heywood to bring the Las Vegas dining experience to Blackpool. Having studied classic American diners in Las Vegas something that really made the experience memorable, alongside amazing food and service, was when the servers spontaneously broke into sing-song. To ensure that this unique experience is very special for our guests it requires an audition process to find talented singing servers that captivate and amaze their unsuspecting audience. The audition process was designed to be fun and enjoyable for the auditionees and audience too.

Martin Heywood commented: ‘Watching the potential new stars of Viva Vegas Diner audition makes us both proud and excited to offer this unique entertainment experience.’


The Audition Process

On Thursday 2nd August we held the first of two stages for our current singing servers auditions here at Viva Vegas Diner. Our Audition process is designed to judge both the voices and the personalities of all auditionees to see who would be of a great fit in our company and would be capable of wowing our guests with the singing server


experience.  The thrill of your waitress/ waiter performing beautiful music all in-between serving your food is an experience that our guests can’t find anywhere else and is something that they all thoroughly enjoy, it does however require talented staff to achieve.

The first stage consisted of an afternoon of performances in front of Viva staff members and members of the public who came to show their support.  There were 4 women who attended to audition. Each performer was asked to prepare and sing two songs of their choice accompanied by a backing track. To make the experience more authentic we ask all auditionees to wear all black as if they were about to serve the tables.

As you would expect the afternoon was full of standing ovations, the odd forgotten word but most of all great entertainment.

The auditionees all had different styles and preformed renditions of a range of songs including Hairsprays’ “You can’t stop the Beat”, Gnarls Barkleys’ “Crazy”, Elvis’ “Blue Suede Shoes”, Marc Cohns’ “Walking in Memphis” and Jackson Fives’ “Blame it on the Boogie”. The audience all showed their support by singing, dancing and clapping along to all of the performances.


The Next Stage

Leye D Johns ended the afternoon of Auditions by thanking all those who attended. He announced that Martin, the cast from upstairs and himself would have a meeting to discuss the auditionees and who we feel would be a good fit in the Viva Vegas Diner.

The next stage is to offer the successful singers a position and to start integrating the singing servers into the atmosphere of the venue.


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