World Baking Day

World Baking Day, 17th May 2018

World Baking Day is on the 17th May! Which means this is the perfect time to highlight and tell you all about two of our signature baked desserts.


Apple Pie
Viva Vegas Diner, Apple and Cinnamon Pie

Apple & Cinnamon Pie

What’s the old saying? You’re the apple to my pie 🍏 + 🥧

We’ve took the classic Apple Pie and gave it a little sprinkle of ‘Viva’ in order to make our signature, customer favourite and absolutely mouth-watering Apple & Cinnamon Pie!

Made from the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients including the most divine apples, our Cinnamon & Apple pie is topped with Salted Caramel Toffee Sauce and Vanilla Ice-cream!

Incredibly delicious sweet pastry filled with delicate juicy apples and a hint of cinnamon for an extra kick, topped with a sweet sticky sauce and ice cream make for one gorgeous dessert!


Viva Vegas Diner, chocolate brownie and cheesecake dessert!

The Junkyard

Brownie…Cheesecake… Brownie…Cheesecake? Why not both? 🤔💡

That’s right! We’ve taken two classic desserts and combined them together in order to create our very own uniquely scrumptious dessert that we can only call ‘The Junkyard’- Stop the madness!

So, what is ‘The Junkyard’? It’s a brownie cheesecake made by combining crunchy gingersnap biscuits, our very own and top secret soft brownie chocolate cheesecake mix and a whole lot of chocolatey favourites. We know, it sounds sweetly sensational!


We don’t just serve baked desserts, we also have a variety of sweet dishes that all taste ‘so damn delicious’ according to our customers.

Including our ‘Loaded Ice Creams’ and ‘Cookie Sundaes’ which you can find out all about in another blog here.

You don’t have to be a star baker to celebrate ‘World Baking Day’!

Why not put the rolling pin away, remove your apron and Reserve A Table‘ at the Diner to have a taste of our sweet baked goods?

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