Viva Vegas Burger is the best burger in Blackpool

Introducing our Viva Vegas Burger

Meet the Viva Vegas Burger, our simple but incredibly delicious food staple and complete MUST HAVE when visiting the diner, bar & grill!


They say if something is already great then don’t mess with it, so that’s exactly what we didn’t do. It’s the ULTIMATE classic cheeseburger but with a little ‘Viva’ stamp!

It’s no secret that Cheeseburgers have been around since forever. In fact, a guy called Lionel Sternberger first introduced the cheesy goodness in 1926 when working at his dad’s restaurant! And in doing so, the lives of cheese lovers everywhere changed forever! You can find out more here.

Using the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients, the Viva Vegas burger first starts off with a golden and slightly crispy bun! Topped with our signature patty – made using the highest quality beef and a few other tasty ingredients that must be kept a secret! – Oh, c’mon, we can’t give away all of our tricks and tips, but we can confirm that those ingredients, alongside a whole lot of tender loving care, make our burgers the best in town!

Add some mouth-watering smoked crispy bacon, lettuce and Monterey jack cheese and there you have it – a burger that tastes so damn good we had to put our name on it!

Although this is our signature Burger, we do have many other tasty options that you should taste, which you can find out more about here

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